Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wishing a Happy Holiday... and much more


Things have happened since my last post! My friend Elena (who is currently at Les Enfants De Dieu) set up an Amazon wish list for the boys at the center. There was all sorts of things on the list, but most of it was underwear because that's what they have been needing and asking for. There were also some board games and other fun things for the boys. The great news is that every single item on the list was bought anonymously. We are so grateful for all of those who purchased items. They were all shipped to Elena's home in Vermont, and I am planning to bring as much of it as I can when I go (which is only in 18 days by the way)!
Merry Christmas from Rwanda!

Also, they boys recently elected for new Ministers. As I have mentioned about the orphanage, it is completely run by the boys who are a part of the community. They even have the power to fire their staff if there is reason to do so. Each Ministry received a new Minister, Director General, and Technician. The Ministries cover home affairs, social affairs, health, agriculture, environment, sport, education, and administration.
Judgement for each of the Ministers.

Elena, along with 40 of the boys from the center, spent their Christmas day together playing games, coloring, and talking with each other. Just the way Christmas day should be, spending time with those you love. You can check out more about her day, and the Ministry elections here: Elena's blog.

Also, my fall semester at Johnson has come to a close. I finished all of my classes very strong, making a GPA of 3.794. I also got approval for an independent study for the upcoming semester called Genocide. I will be reading books about different Genocides around the world and writing about each of them. It will be a good amount of work to do in Rwanda outside of my work at the center. The independent study fee was also fully covered by the president's fund, which is amazing for me!

Since school has been out I've been putting together my packing list, getting a few ski days in here and there, and my head is constantly thinking about my trip and the things I will do and places I will see, which is definitely keeping me up at night.

Thank you to everyone who as donated to my trip. It's been overwhelmingly amazing the amount of support I have found in my local community, and especially the Johnson community and my family. I look forward to being able to share with all of you over the next four months.


  1. Ally - Enjoying your blog! Congratulations on finishing your semester at college with a great grade point average! I'm glad you will be with Elena soon! We have accumulated quite a bit of donations for EDD! Come by at your convenience when you are ready to start packing! Dianne Bilodeau

  2. Thank you Dianne! I will come by soon and I'll be sure to give you a call to plan the visit. Elena told me there's LOTS of stuff!