Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Preparing for Departure!

I almost don't know what to say! I leave in a day and a half! I just got back from an eventful few days which kept me busy and having fun. I got to see my very first NFL game at Giants stadium as they passed through the first round, defeating the Atlanta Falcons 24-2. I also had a chance to see a lot of my family in New Jersey which was perfect timing! I hadn't seen many of them in years, so I got to catch them up on what I am doing. I spent the past couple days in Johnson where I got to say farewell to some good friends, and spend some time at Jay Peak getting some final turns. I suppose you could say I've been doing some fun things I love right before I go.

Tomorrow I have my first professional massage (courtesy of my mom and dad), some last minute goodbye's, and final packing!

There's a storm coming in, so I hope everything goes smoothly in my departure and connecting flights. I'm a little worried that I may run into some trouble, so hopefully it isn't as bad as it could be!


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